Saturday 30 November 2013

Tree planting on Wednesday 27th November

We had a great afternoon on Wednesday with some students of Field Lane Primary School Rastrick and the Rotarian's of the upper Valley, ourselves and Robin from Calderdale Countryside Dept, and managed to plant around 200 trees which were donated by the Forestry Commission to make a hedgerow along one of the hay meadows. The children were a credit to the staff and school being polite and hard working and we hope you enjoyed the outing. And the adults weren't too bad either MANY THANKS TO ALL .yours Graham                      Pic's below

Group photo before starting out

Robin showing how to plant the trees

Getting stuck in

Margaret holding the cane being knocked in (brave woman)

A lot of trees planted

Rotarians and children showing mucky hands

Enjoying a well earned rest

Thursday 28 November 2013

Mike in Austrailia

I know your looking in so let us know how your getting on , shame about the cricket !!!, and great  news about the grant. Graham

Wednesday 27 November 2013

LLoyds Grant Information

I would like to thank the committee for all their time and effort in securing a £3000 grant from Lloyds Bank and also all of you that took the time to vote for us we THANK YOU very much .
Also to Lloyds Bank for giving us the opportunity to apply, the money will make a big difference to our future plans. yours Graham Haigh (Chairman)

Sunday 24 November 2013

November 23rd Work Party

The day dawned crisp and later turned a little soggy as it warmed up. Around 170 saplings were planted along the eastern edge of meadow 2 (the small meadow). Seven of us, Julian, Richard, Robin, Barry, Allan, David and myself, not forgetting Rufus the dog, became rather muddy. We were joined by several families whose children enjoyed planting the trees, especially the muddy bit. I am glad I won't have to wash their clothes.
Photos: Courtesy of Allan and Barry

More Pictures Here.

Saturday 23 November 2013

Change of Time for Wednesday November 27th

Please note that the on site meeting on Wednesday the 27th starts at 1:00 pm and not at 9:30 am as previously printed.

Friday 22 November 2013

Strict Regime!

Hi All.
You may have noticed a reduction in feeding for the last few days - due to the Trichomonosis, we have been letting any standing bugs die. Tomorrow (Sat 23rd) we are starting a table rotation & cleaning system, only feeding from 3 spots out of 6 & swapping, cleaning every couple of days. Any food left on previous tables scraped off & thrown away.
All feeders swapped out, dipped, & air dried.

Many thanks to all who donate, help, put food out for our birds but ........

For a few weeks please refrain from placing food on empty surfaces unless one of our members are around to point out that days TABLES in use.

We will still welcome any donations of food, feeders etc but need to control uneaten, contaminated food, tables & feeders.
I'm sure you all understand this is in the best interest of the birds, & we are trying to keep them healthy for the cold weather ahead. I for one would like to be watching the Bullfinches over winter.

Thanks for your understanding & with vigilance we should quickly tame this disease & hopefully eradicate it from Cromwell until next Autumn.

Fingers crossed,

Birds at Cromwell on the 21/11/13, thankfully all looking healthy

                                           Great tit
                                                    Coal Tit
                                                   Blue tit
                                           Long tailed tit
                                            Male Goosander on the river
                                            and two female goosanders

Thursday 21 November 2013

This Saturday 23rd November

Just a reminder to all. We will be on site from 9:00 am to make a start planting saplings on the small meadow.
Tools provided. Bring food and drink.

Tuesday 19 November 2013
Hi All  Kath Grammer and students of Kirklees Collage will be having an open day on Sunday 15th of December in Aid of the animal care centre , and they are like us in much need of funds  so i hope you will suport them if you can , 11am untill 3pm  Close Hill Lane Newsome Huddersfield HD4 6LE
for further info Tele 01484 437184

Thank you for helping us promote our event, we have lots going on, animal petting, husky dogs, santa's grotto, cookie decorating, stalls, cakes, yule log making, face painting and lots more!! ALL PROCEEDS ARE GOING TO KNINE & KITTY CARE RESCUE AND REHOMING FOR CATS AND DOGS, hope to see you all there, thanks again Jo

Sunday 17 November 2013

Suspected Trichomonosis At our Feeders!

I was at the feeders today with Graham & we witnessed a very poorly Goldfinch, which I later watched keel over & expire on the Main bird table. It may be a good idea not to put seed on the tables etc for a few days whilst we work out a plan to eradicate this horrible disease.

 Here it is earlier in the day plump looking & struggling to swallow allowing humans to approach & touch it - this was taken using a Micro lens from inches away.
Later on it just sat like this for a couple of hours - then fluttered it's wings & expired flat out on the table.
I am in discussions with Graham & we hope to have a "swap out" system for feeders with an initial clean down of all the tables etc So watch this space - We will get back to you soon.

If you have never heard of this Trichomonosis have a read here or check out on internet!
I saw it hammer the Greenfinch & Bullfinch a couple of winters back at Fairburn, But us Humans can help eradicate it by cleaning & swapping out feeders to remove transference.
I'm diving in early with this, due to its effectiveness at passing on from bird to bird, but if we keep constant food around for a few days on unsterilized surfaces - We could loose all our finches.

We will get back to you on this Soon.

Content checked

Saturday 16 November 2013

Todays Birds at the viewing site

                                          Chaffinch ready for flight
                                          Female Bullfinch
                                          Blue Tit

Badger Baiters

     On Sunday morning the 27th of October at a Badger sett in the Shibden Valley area the police arrested one person, seized one dog and an electronic transmitting collar two people escaped. The person was later released. They were spotted by a dog walker who contacted the police so please keep your eyes peeled for these vile people as they seem to be busy at the moment in the Calderdale area.



Blast from the Past

Friday 15 November 2013

100,000 hits on the blog

A big thank you to all who look at this site to make it so popular and may you continue to do so .yours Graham

Thursday 14 November 2013

Redpoll at last!


From the Undergrowth

A few from the last few weeks
Wren hiding

Male Chaffinch

Female Chaffinch

Male Chaffinch

Male Chaffinch
Magpie against a clear blue sky
Autumn sun on the path
Autumn on the canal
Male Robin singing
Cromwell Bridge

Male Blackbird

 Click on the pic for a better view.  gwh

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Hedgehogs in Calderdale

When have you last seen a hedgehog? Have you seen or heard a hedgehog rustling around in your back garden or woodland (or even a squished one on the road)? If so, Betony Atkinson, a student placement working with Countryside Services, would like to know. Please send details, including the location and date of the sighting, to to help her draw up a picture of their distribution in Calderdale.

photo – credit to Mrs. Pat  Morris, BHPS

Link to next BAP meeting in Mytholmroyd

Saturday 9 November 2013

Where have all the Redpolls gone?

OK, so we thought that Lesser Redpolls would be back by now! Last year they were back on the feeders by the 7th of October. They are still not here. Clearly they are feeding quite nicely without help. It has been a good summer and mild autumn. So what about our competition? Well as I am in charge of the blog I have now declared the original competition null and void with immediate effect, and "I am unanimous in this". So.. from this date - the 9th of November 2013 the competition will run again. So if you want to obtain "bragging rights" then post your guesses here now.

So far the 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 23rd of November also the 13th of December are taken. Check comments before choosing a date.

Redpoll at the feeders 13th November 2013
This is the picture taken by Peter Hewland on the 13th of November - many thanks Peter.

No more pictures as a dog flushed off the bird.

No-one chose the 13th. However, as Tracy is closest by choosing the 16th she gets partial but not outright Bragging Rights. This means Tracy, that you can only mention it once to any individual so no heavy bragging! If I hear to the contrary you will be barred from next autumns guess!!! (not really)

Saturdays Work Party

14 of us - Robin, Eddie, Colin, Bella, Shelagh, John, Allan, David, Julian, Steve, Richard, Barry, Simon and Bruce - met to cut some more reeds, this time near New Bridge. A large channel was cleared right across to the lagoon which is now steadily filling. The weather was not too good (for a change) and we all got pretty damp, of course our spirits never are!

On the way to the area 14 Cormorants flew over and were joined by 12 Teal. A Robin was inspecting each pile of reeds as we deposited them nearby. A reed warblers nest was also found.

The reed Warblers nest

Steve demonstrates how to use a scythe to Allan

Robin makes a start and Steve sharpens his Scythe

The blade is blunted quickly and needs regular sharpening. At least it's quiet up to Robins petrol cutter.

The lagoon edge is in sight

This shows the distance the reeds have grown into the lagoon.

The lagoon edge is finally reached. 

More pictures here