Saturday 30 March 2013

A Good Friday!

Feeding station was absolutely heaving with birds - & lots of new visitors too. The Reed Buntings confused a few of the "new" watchers, especially the Female.
A special thanks to the kind Gent who donated a couple of bags of Bird seed - which was a very popular mix with the birds.
Couple of snaps of 2 of the birds most people come to see:

Siskin & Lesser Redpoll doing some serious posing for me!

Monday 25 March 2013

A.G.M. 2013

Hi all

This just a quick reminder that the Groups 2nd A.G.M. will be held this Wednesday evening.

We have achieved a great deal in the past 12 months - many thanks to those who helped, either physically or with welcomed donations - and some of the results will be shown on the night. We have lots to do in this coming year, so we need the help of YOU to achieve our goals with the development of this important nature reserve.

Come along to the meeting and meet like minded people and find out if you can help as well.

See this LINK for more information, and HERE for a map of location

or ring  Graham on 07958 163032 or Bruce  on 07914 528141

Friday 22 March 2013

cold at cromwell today, but busy at the feeders

                                          bullfinch (female)
                                           bullfinch (male and female)
                                             great tit
                                           coal tit
                                          reed bunting
                                              long tail tit and blue tit
                                            long tail tit
                                          siskins, redpoll

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Chiffchaff at CB

Report of a chiffchaff at Cromwell Bottom today from David Sutcliffe (Calderdale Bird Conservation Group). We just need the weather now to feel like spring.

Monday 18 March 2013

Blue Tits

A pair of blue tits have already claimed a nest box near Tag loop


For those of you who dare look. Here is more information on those darned Redpolls.

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Busy Sunday

I wanted to help out with the nest box building on Saturday - but had some Personal business needed attending to. So I popped down on Sunday, especially as there was a possibility of a coating of snow!
No Snow at Cromwell but the feeding area was positively heaving. Siskin & L.T.Tits were constantly visiting 10+ of each most of the day. Chaffinch were the same 10+. I couldn't guess the Blue & Great Tit numbers, just too many, Goldfinch were at 6, & a single lonesome Redpoll.

Siskins were Posing everywhere!

So were L.T.Tits - A good day for photo's of these fellas.

A few more Posers!
Not sure if the Redpolls have moved on? But there was a large flock of Siskin around the tree tops all day & we were getting good numbers at the feeders again. Shame it was so cold (brrr) but Siskin Photo Oppertunities were fantastic, & I got a nice posing Coal Tit, usually most illusive.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

‘Botanical Threads’ at Bankfield Museum

Saturday 9 March - Sunday 5 May, ‘Botanical Threads’ by Vivienne Brown at Bankfield Museum. Beautiful textiles depicting Botanical Illustrations, embroidered panels, made with paper quilted, fabric, stitch, machine embroidery, pencil crayon, graphite pencil some framed some just mounted. Nearly all for sale at prices across the board.  Free admission. Original post from Hugh Firman Thanks Hugh

Thursday 7 March 2013

Work Party March 9th 2013

We made nest boxes and a pontoon for the lagoon in the big shed. 

Present were: Shelagh, Robin, Richard, Graham, Mike, Allan, David and Bruce

We completed the pontoon and built 11 boxes by 2 pm


Monday 4 March 2013

From Weekend!

We had a lot of new visitors again to the feeding area, which means plenty of new people are enjoying our birds, & finding out about our group.
Plenty of cards handed out for information, I assume some of them are going to look in at this site, so here's a few snaps of some of what they were seeing:

Mr Sad looking Robin:
 Who cheered up a bit.
Mr Bullfinch put on a good display as usual.

Goldies were around a bit too:
Blue & Great Tits were everywhere singing & chasing each other:

& one of my personal Fav's are still around:

A lot of people are finding "Mr Sad Robin" highly amusing grabbing seed & scraps from the bench & around our feet, but he can drive you nuts - Singing full blast only 2 feet away for hours on end lol.

Saturday 2 March 2013

A couple from London


Cetti's Warbler

Cetti's Warbler




Bitten hiding in the reeds

To view photo's in full just click on the picture. yours GWH

A few from this week on the reserve

Robin belting it out






White goose by the wier


On the lagoon 3 Mute Swans

On the lagoon Greylag