Thursday 28 July 2016

Small Mammal Trapping Course

We held a small live mammal traping course on tyhe reserve over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of July. It was led by Ann Hanson from the Yorkshire Mammal Group. Nine people took part in it and we gained experience in how to capture, identify and sex small mammals. We had a great time and learnt a lot about the small mammals that we have on the reserve. A big thankyou to Ann and Robert for a great two days. We now aim to build on what we have learnt.
                                      Some of the group learning how to prepare the traps
                                                  Field Vole. Note the short tail
                                                                       Field Vole
                                         Bank Vole being sexed. Note the longer tail
                                                          Bank Vole in a viewing tank
                                                         Wood Mouse in viewing tank
                                             Wood mouse having a good clean
                                                     Wood Mouse being sexed
                               Wood Mouse in a bag ready to be weighed and recorded
                                                           Common Shrew in viewing tank

Moth Night!

On a very warm & humid Saturday 23rd July, in the evening there were about 20 or so visitors for the Moths event. Unfortunately most left before the Moths started coming to the trap.
Important! ...... If you know I have Identified any of these incorrectly please let me know!
We will need the ID's for records.

Brimstone: Opisthograptis luteolataThe only one of 3 that didn't fly away instantaneously after opening tub.

Buff Arches: Habrosyne pyritoides

May Highflyer: Hydriomena impluviata

Common Wainscot: Mythimna pallens

Common footman: Eilema lurideolaApologies for Blurry picture - It was just leaving as I snapped.
Early Thorn: Selenia dentaria 

July highflyer: Hydriomena furcate
2 different individuals.

Purple Clay: Diarsia brunnea

The Clay: Mythimna ferrago

Large Yellow Underwing: Noctua pronuba

Another zipping off, most of these were instantaneous flyers on sniff of freedom.

Lesser Yellow Underwing: Noctua comesStruggled a bit with this - Very tatty example, best guess!

Mother Of Pearl: Pleuroptya ruralis

Pebble Hook Tip: Drepana falcataria
Caught like this, a Bit Tatty.

Shaded Broad Bar: Scotopteryx chenopodiata

Shoulder Striped Wainscot: Leucania commaMight be wrong with this one - another leaving the scene, had to grab fast, bit blurry I'm afraid.

Small Magpie: Anania hortulata

Swallow Tailed: Ourapteryx sambucaria
Another quick leaving Moth - Managed to grab a shot before it left!

Eudonia lacustrata

Finally 2 that I couldn't identify - Assistance required Please.

Not forgetting the Night time flying Orange Ladybirds:

Cream Spot Ladybird: Calvia 14-guttata
Lots of these were out that night!

We also had a Clouded Border but there are no pictures to put up.

Monday 25 July 2016


Hi all readers.
We urgently need "thirsty" volunteers on Thursday 28th of July to help us pull Balsam from a section of Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve, The job is easy but there is lots of it so we need many people.

There will be FREE refreshments in the Cabin (hot or cold) for helpers. Toilets.

Come along and enjoy a morning on site with the rest of us. If you would like to stay then please bring some lunch.
Please meet at the Reserve entrance car park at 09:30 or go to the Cabin for a cuppa.

A closer look at Moths....

The Moths event over the weekend was a winner! It was a real treat to see live moths up close - our magnifying pots helped to highlight the delicate markings so as to identify them correctly. As someone said in a recent comment on Allan's insect photos - there's a lot more to Cromwell Bottom than birds!
I'm sure there'll be some beautiful photos posted in the next few days, so mine are just to record the interesting day we had.
A huge thanks to the organisers as usual -

Checking ID - the experts at work under a shady parasol.......

A Swallowtail - absolutely beautiful!

Friday 22 July 2016

Tonight, Saturday night

Hi All
Tonight, Saturday the 23th of July we are holding another Moth Evening on site. 

The Cabin will be open in the afternoon for refreshments and we will start around 20:30. All are welcome to come along. Please bring a torch. The following day, Sunday morning, we will still be around so come along again to see what we have found. Refreshments will be available in the Cabin and toilets are next door.

Monday 18 July 2016

Bees, "Bugs" and Butterflies.Let's learn to celebrate and appreciate the little things of life

                                           Bee Collecting Pollen from Blackberry flower

                               White tailed Bumble Bee collecting pollen from Blackberry flower
                                      Hoverfly (Syrphus ribesii) on Blackberry flower

                                                                  Azure Damselfly
                                                           Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly (m)
                                             Unknown  insect on vegitation on new ponds

                                                               Meadow Brown Butterfly
                                                                       Ringlet Butterly
                                             White tailed Bumble Bee on hogweed flower