Friday 24 February 2017

Bridge opening this weekend

The bridge will be open on Saturday and Sunday the plan was to close it on Saturday but weather conditions made a change nessesary there will be working on Sunday but the bridge will be open for this weekend . If anyone is coming to the Photo day tomorrow meet in the cabin at 10am . Yours Graham

Thursday 23 February 2017


Saturday 25th of February     10am - 2pm

Come along to expert photography tuition for all ages, abilities and camera types. Followed by tea, coffee and home-made produce!

Apparently  The Footbridge will be OPEN all Saturday. So please meet as normal in the Cromwell Bottom Car Park at 10:00am
        No need to book - just come along to the Cabin

Bird Survey


The February bird survey on the 18th enjoyed far better weather. The sun shone, there was only a light wind and it was mild. The birds obviously enjoyed it because there were larger numbers of birds, though not species. ( 31 rather than30 )
Rather more of the reserve was covered even though there were only 5 participants. However we still did not see a jay; but Mike Henshaw and Steve Midgley did see a MALE HEN HARRIER passing through; the first time one has been seen on the reserve (we think) After several texts it was confirmed as a Calderdale sighting to enter the record book,
Rather mundane, the flocks of redwings were not seen, possible left on their journey north.
Song thrushes were starting to sing as where wrens, dunnocks and robins, who were in full song.
As many as 13 grey herons were ‘put-up’ by something and were all seen together in the sky. Several of them were seen earlier carrying nesting material. The great spotted woodpecker made an appearance at the feeding station, as did 6 reed bunting. Good views of 3 wigeon were finally had on the river
Mike and Steve also spotted a mink cowering under the metal bridge.
Roy who came with us for the first time said he had learnt a lot from his visit and had thoroughly enjoyed it.

List of species displayed in the cabin

Saturday 11 February 2017

Recent Photos

                Starlings at Brighouse (Worth going down at the end of the day when you leave the reserve)

                                                             Reed Buntings  (female and male)
                              Long Tailed Tits. My favourite small bird. So photogenic

                                                         A serious looking Blue Tit

                                               Long Tailed Tit enjoying a snack
                                                      Blue Tits looking for food


                                                             Bullfinchs (m)


Guided Birdwatch

Don't forget our second guided Birdwatch tomorrow Sunday February 12th.
Meet in the car park at 10am. Tea and coffee in the Cabin.
All Welcome

Monday 6 February 2017

Leucistic Female Bullfinch

Has anyone else spotted her at the feeding area (I'm guessing that's what's causing the odd colouration?)

Great Diving Beetle

This aquatic beetle had died in the top pond on Tag Loop on Saturday. My picture of its upper side was blurred.
We put it back at the water's edge so it might still be there.

Also, the Autumn Crocus leaves have started into growth in the Park Nook Lock area of woodland to the west of the reserve. (Pics on Calderdale-wildlife.blogspot - two places about 475 metres apart I've re-discovered so far.) Whoever has started maintaining it is doing a good job of clearing up the plastic but I don't agree with pruning the low branches obstructing the path, as now the off-road cyclists are going through and cutting up the ground. It's more interesting as well as being better exercise for us walkers if we have branches to climb over and duck under.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Weekend Bridge Closure at Cromwell Bottom

Hi all the bridge will be closed on Saturday this weekend, there will be NO ONE allowed over as last weekend there was some less than polite conversation to the contractors, we have an arrangement with them for work days and important events like tomorrow, if you are coming to help or to an event and the bridge is closed please be in the car park for 9-30am and we will get everyone over on block, NO stragglers will be allowed after the main group has gone over, if you are late but still want to come, enter from Avocet car park and walk in. Your cooperation is appreciated.  Graham