Wednesday 14 June 2017

Recorded Spiders

List of spider species recorded at Cromwell Bottom

Any previous names are shown after the authority. The species count at Cromwell

Bottom is currently 102.

Any specimens that required confirmation were confirmed by Mike Roberts or Stan

Dobson also the late Clifford Smith, John Parker, and Jennifer Newton with

apologies for any omissions. With thanks for recent additions to Richard Wilson

Ecology who carried out a survey in 2017.

All those listed below have been recorded up to 2017


Ero cambridgei Kulczynski, 1911


 Phylloneta sisyphia (Clerck, 1757)

Neottiura bimaculata (Linnaeus, 1767)

Enoplognatha ovata (Clerck, 1757) Theridion ovatum

Pholcomma gibbum (Westring, 1851)


 Walckenaeria unicornis O.P.-Cambridge, 1861 Cornicularia unicornis

 Walckenaeria vigilax (Blackwall, 1853) Cornicularia vigilax

 Dicymbium nigrum (Blackwall, 1834)

 Gnathonarium dentatum (Wider, 1834)

Gongylidium rufipes (Linnaeus, 1758)

 Dismodicus bifrons (Blackwall, 1841)

Hypomma bituberculatum (Wider, 1834)

 Baryphyma trifrons (O.P.-Cambridge, 1863) Minyrioloides trifrons

 Pocadicnemis pumila (Blackwall, 1841)

Pocadicnemis juncea Locket & Millidge, 1953 P. pumila var. juncea

 Oedothorax fuscus (Blackwall, 1834)

 Oedothorax agrestis (Blackwall, 1853)

 Oedothorax retusus ( Westring, 1851)

Monocephalus fuscipes (Blackwall, 1836)

Lophomma punctatum (Blackwall, 1841)

 Savignia frontata Blackwall, 1833

Diplocephalus picinus (Blackwall, 1841)

Araeoncus humilis (Blackwall, 1841)

 Erigone atra Blackwall, 1833

Leptorhoptrum robustum (Westring, 1851)

 Drepanotylus uncatus (O.P.-Cambridge, 1873)

 Aphileta misera (O.P.-Cambridge, 1882) Hillhousia misera

Porrhomma pygmaeum (Blackwall, 1834)

 Agyneta decora (O.P.-Cambridge, 1871)

 Agyneta cauta (O.P.-Cambridge, 1902)

 Agyneta olivacea (Emerton, 1882)

Meioneta saxatilis sens. Str. (Blackwall, 1844)

 Microneta viaria (Blackwall, 1841)

 Centromerita bicolor (Blackwall, 1833)

 Centromerita concinna (Thorell, 1875)

 Bathyphantes approximatus (O.P.-Cambridge, 1871)

 Bathyphantes gracilis (Blackwall, 1841)

 Bathyphantes nigrinus (Westring, 1851)

Diplostyla concolor (Wider, 1834) Bathyphantes concolor

Drapetisca socialis (Sundevall, 1833)

 Lepthyphantes tenuis (Blackwall, 1852)

 Lepthyphantes zimmermanni Bertkau, 1890

 Lepthyphantes mengei Kulczynski, 1887

 Lepthyphantes ericaeus (Blackwall, 1853)

Helophora insignis (Blackwall, 1841)

 Linyphia triangularis (Clerck, 1757)

 Neriene montana (Clerck, 1757) Linyphia Montana

 Neriene clathrata Sundevall, 1830 Linyphia clathrata

 Neriene peltata Wider, 1834 Linyphia peltata


 Pachygnatha clerki Sundevall, 1823

Pachygnatha degeeri Sundevall, 1830

 Metellina segmentata sens. str. (Clerck, 1757) Meta segmentata

 Metellina mengei (Blackwall, 1869) Meta segmentata mengei & Meta mengei

 Meta menardi (Latreille, 1804)


 Araneus diadematus Clerck, 1757

 Araneus quadratus Clerck, 1757

Larinioides cornutus (Clerck, 1757) Araneus cornutus

Larinioides sclopetarius (Clerck, 1757) Araneus sclopetarius

 Araniella cucurbitina sens. Str. (Clerck, 1757) Araneus cucurbitinus

 Araniella opisthographa (Kulczynski, 1905) Araneus cucurbitinus opistographus

 Zygiella x-notata (Clerck, 1757)

 Zygiella atrica (C.L.Koch, 1845)


 Pardosa pullata (Clerck, 1757) Lycosa pullata

 Pardosa amentata (Clerck, 1757) Lycosa amentata

 Pardosa saltans Topfer-Hofmann, 2000 Lycosa lugubris

 Alopecosa pulverulenta (Clerck, 1757) Tarentula pulverulenta

 Trochosa terricola Thorell, 1856

 Arctosa perita (Latreille, 1799)


 Pisaura mirabilis (Clerck, 1757)


 Dictyna arundinacea (Linnaeus, 1758)

Dictyna uncinata Thorell, 1856


 Amaurobius fenestralis (Stroem, 1768) Ciniflo fenestralis

 Coelotes atropos (Walckenaer, 1830) Amaurobius atropos


Clubiona reclusa O.P.-Cambridge, 1863

Clubiona stagnatilis Kulczynski, 1897

Clubiona lutescens Westring, 1851

Clubiona comta C.L.Koch, 1839

 Clubiona brevipes Blackwall, 1841


 Tibellus oblongus (Walckenaer, 1802)


Xysticus cristatus (Clerck, 1757)

 Xysticus audax (Schrank, 1803)


 Salticus scenicus (Clerck, 1757)

 Neon reticulatus (Blackwall, 1853)

 Euophrys frontalis (Walckenaer, 1802) 

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