Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturdays Work Party

14 of us - Robin, Eddie, Colin, Bella, Shelagh, John, Allan, David, Julian, Steve, Richard, Barry, Simon and Bruce - met to cut some more reeds, this time near New Bridge. A large channel was cleared right across to the lagoon which is now steadily filling. The weather was not too good (for a change) and we all got pretty damp, of course our spirits never are!

On the way to the area 14 Cormorants flew over and were joined by 12 Teal. A Robin was inspecting each pile of reeds as we deposited them nearby. A reed warblers nest was also found.

The reed Warblers nest

Steve demonstrates how to use a scythe to Allan

Robin makes a start and Steve sharpens his Scythe

The blade is blunted quickly and needs regular sharpening. At least it's quiet up to Robins petrol cutter.

The lagoon edge is in sight

This shows the distance the reeds have grown into the lagoon.

The lagoon edge is finally reached. 

More pictures here

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NTBR said...

Good work folks.