Sunday, 17 November 2013

Suspected Trichomonosis At our Feeders!

I was at the feeders today with Graham & we witnessed a very poorly Goldfinch, which I later watched keel over & expire on the Main bird table. It may be a good idea not to put seed on the tables etc for a few days whilst we work out a plan to eradicate this horrible disease.

 Here it is earlier in the day plump looking & struggling to swallow allowing humans to approach & touch it - this was taken using a Micro lens from inches away.
Later on it just sat like this for a couple of hours - then fluttered it's wings & expired flat out on the table.
I am in discussions with Graham & we hope to have a "swap out" system for feeders with an initial clean down of all the tables etc So watch this space - We will get back to you soon.

If you have never heard of this Trichomonosis have a read here or check out on internet!
I saw it hammer the Greenfinch & Bullfinch a couple of winters back at Fairburn, But us Humans can help eradicate it by cleaning & swapping out feeders to remove transference.
I'm diving in early with this, due to its effectiveness at passing on from bird to bird, but if we keep constant food around for a few days on unsterilized surfaces - We could loose all our finches.

We will get back to you on this Soon.

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B.Nield said...

We have a plan of Action now, When I can actually add a new post, it wont let me put text in one ????? I'll point out what is going on & what everyone can do to help!

AndyC said...

It may be a good idea,to use the moth trap stands in the reeds as feeding stations over the winter.?

B.Nield said...

Less feeding areas I'm afraid Andy, kept clean. Otherwise we have to close down all feeding at Cromwell for a month, one infected bird can contaminate the whole table. Same problem different spot!
The cold weather helps soon - the bug dies quicker outside the host, at the moment strict feeding & regular cleaning is the answer.