Saturday 17 September 2016


Come back and pose
There not as good as Allan's and Barry's but am well proud of these taken today on the river near the weir.

Friday 16 September 2016

Brighouse 1st Guides

Last night 11 Guides and two Leaders came along on a very warm and pleasant evening stroll. Aimee led the guides along to the Lagoon where Pipistrelle bats were calling. Then a short walk to the canal and Daubenton's bats were seen and heard. There were plenty flying insects for them to feed on. Most of the Guides had never seen or heard bats before.  After a really nice walk they left at around 8:30pm
We used  bat detectors supplied by the Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group.

We would like to thank Aimee for organising this meeting and look forward to our next one.
Our Chair, Allan, giving the guides a quick talk

At the Bailey Bridge

Along the Lagoon Bund

On the Canal Bridge

Monday 12 September 2016

This Thursday Evening

There will be another short walk this Thursday evening the 15th of September. Aimee will be leading this along with members of Cromwell Bottom. 

This will be a gentle walk listening to the local bats especially along the river and canal. 
Please bring a torch for your own safety. Meet at 6:45pm for a 7:00 pm start.  Approx 8:30 pm finish.
Refreshments in the Cabin.

Saturday 10 September 2016

Work party and Bat Walk This Saturday September 10th

There is a work party at Cromwell Bottom September the 10th. please meet at 09:30 in the car park. Refreshments in the Cabin.

Also we will meet at 7:30 pm. We are having another of our popular bat walks. On our walk last Wednesday we had over 30 people listening and seeing bats around the reserve. 
Please meet in the car park at 7:30 pm. 

Also we will be moth trapping. The moths will be identified either Saturday night (late) and Sunday morning from 10am onwards.

Don't forget to bring a torch. Refreshments will be available in the Cabin.

Thursday 8 September 2016

Cromwell Kids

I was going to put up snaps of the birds at the feeders .... But they have been done already & that might be boring.
A lot of people have been coming into the Cabin/CafĂ© on Sundays & telling us about their short encounters with Kingfishers mostly along the Canal, on the river & even at the two new ponds on Tag Loop. Yes that's correct! they have been visiting those two ponds at the side of the path that you walk past.
There are a few places along the Canal - where if you look really carefully, one of the young Kingfishers are sat watching you. But you need to look! they can be easy to walk past, are not too bothered by you, & don't always fly off to give away their presence.
Check any sticks poking out of the far bank especially around any reedy areas, they like the food that hangs out in the shallows.

 Here are a few half decent shots of a couple of our Kingfisher's Kids.

 Keeping an eye out on the sky - Don't want to be eaten yourself!

 Something just moved?

 Anyone got a comb?

 Wassat!!! Another Kingfisher just shot past!

 Gotchya - But what do I do now?
Ah .... Toss it, catch & swallow!

Don't know what this is but I'm having it for afters!

Keep your eyes peeled! Bring binoculars with you & if you spot them before they spot you - then you can have a good look at the birds instead of just the blue flash flying away.

They are very VOCAL at the moment too - letting each other know they are around.

Hope you enjoy the snaps - I love taking pictures of this species.

Sunday 4 September 2016

more about bats....

The bat walks are a great chance to visit Cromwell Bottom after dark in company with a group of people. Last time our best sightings of bats were from the bridges over the river and also from Cromwell Lock on the canal, but we "heard" them in several other places via our bat detectors as we walked through the reserve.

If you'd like to get to know more about bats have a look at the Bat Conservation Trust:

Saturday 3 September 2016

Bird Feeding Area Photos

Lots of birds are now begining to come to the feeding station at the cabin, some of them looking very scuffy.
                                                          Bullfinch (Juv)
                                                    Bullfinch (m) in moult
                                     Greenfinch. (Juv) Several are now visiting the feeders.

                                                               Blue Tit
                                                        Goldfinch (Juv)
                                                     Great Tit in moult
                                    Chaffinch (Juv) Quite a number are coming in to feed
                                                                 Chaffinch (m)
                                                         Chaffinch (Juv) Poss male

               Longtailed Tit. These wonderful little birds are now popping in to feed again.

Friday 2 September 2016

Footpath Closure

Notice on the car park fence to say that the footbridge will be closed on mon 5th Sept just for that day.