Sunday 29 September 2013

Saturday 28 September 2013

Autumn Delights

 Blue Tit
 Bullfinch (F)
 Coal Tit
 Goldfinch (Juv)
 Goldfinch (Adult)
 GT Spotted Woodpecker (Juv)
 Long Tailed Tit
 Close Encounter Of A Bird Kind: GT in the Bird Viewing Station

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Spice it up!

As we seem to be accumulating more of them, there is a tip to fight back against Squirrels.

Apparently it doesn't bother birds at all, but as mammals it "burns the hell" out of Squirrels mouths, just like us.
Thought I'd post it here for all to try, It is a genuine tactic!

From the undergrowth

A few from the last couple of days .


Dipper looks like a juv on the wier

Long Tailed Tit

Coal Tit

Female Emperor Dragonfly not sure could be a Common Hawker  ?

Sunday 22 September 2013

Don't disgard plastic!

Whilst checking forums & sites for latest info, I have happened upon a video clip. This clip shows our disrespect of nature by our stupidity in discarding plastic with no thoughts.
Totally self explanatory but quite harsh, it is meant to hit home, no punches pulled.

Please don't watch if you have a weak disposition, It brings a tear to the eye of the toughest wildlife lover. It's meant to shock & will!

The rubbish washed up around the chicks is unbelievable, how much more can our planet take before we destroy everything?
The chicks know no better & clearly the area needs cleaning up before breeding starts, another example of Man needing to save wildlife from Man!

Personally I think every human being should see this sort of stuff - Maybe we might change?

An extreme situation, but we must keep in mind not to have rubbish lying around at Cromwell!

So Many, Many, thanks to our fantastic rubbish collector we have visiting us, keeping it as tidy as She can.

Records from the Rough - New Hotel at the Feeders

A bird feeder/bug hotel is now in the bird viewing area.

Well done to those who constructed and placed it there.

Also Chiffchaff still calling near the river.

These fungi were on old Willow canal side


                                    Underside of above fungi

Tremella mesentrica - yellow brain

This Yellow Brain fungus was also near the canal side.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

From the undergrowth

Mixed weather the last few days have not been down as much but got a few pics of the GSW thats seems to be coming in every day now is this years juv thats just about lost his red cap , also the Reed Bunting is a regular now ..... we also so had  strange markings on one bird looked like and markings of a Siskin but the size of a Chafinch  so weve called it a Chafkin.





Juv Reed Buntinggwh

Whats in Cromwell at the Moment ? September 2013

Common Hammock-weaver Linyphia triangularis.

Linyphia triangularis  22449

A faded White tailed Bee -Bombus lucorum

Bombus lucorum 22340

Frit Fly Chlorops calceatus

Chlorops 22860

Micro Moth Argresthia sp 

Argyresthia 22876


Larinoides cornutus
Larinoides scolopterus
Linyphia triangularis.
Araneus quadratus
Araneus diadematus
Metellina segmentata / mengei

Harvestman Paroligolophus agrestis
Limonid Cranefly Rhipidia maculata

                                         Harvestman Paroligolophus agrestis 

Paroligolophus agrestis 22866

Limonid Cranefly Rhipidia maculata

Rhipidia maculata 22882

Frit Fly Chlorops calceatus confirmed expert communication )


Micro Moth Argresthia sp 


White Tailed Bee Bombus lucorum

Planthopper Conomelus aceps

Conomelus anceps 22942

Conopidae - Thick headed Flies

Conops quadrifasciatu

Conops quadrifasciatus 22318

Beetles & Ladybirds Coleoptera

7 -Spot Ladybird


Sulphur Tufts



Saturday 14 September 2013

Work party

Many thanks to everyone for their efforts today, we have cut and removed a lot of grass from various areas and finished off the Wheelchair Access hide/screen and also put in some more things to hang feeders off. With new faces its good to see things happening again. A great  day thank you all. yours Graham

More images HERE

Friday 13 September 2013

Autumn Delights

Things are beginning to increase down at the Bird Viewing Station. Still no Siskins (at least not for me) But the Gt Spotted Woodpecker (Male) made an appearance.
                                                           Gt Spotted Woodpecker (M)
                                                                Long Tailed Tit
                                                                          Blue Tit
                                                         Gt Spotted Woodpecker (M)
                                                                     Blue Tit
                                                                   BullFinch (F)
                                                                      Long Tailed Tit                                                              
Juv Robin