Wednesday 30 April 2014

April Part 3

From the Undergrowth

Have not posted anything for a while so here are some from April

Male Chaffinch



Female Redpol

(Zoro) Reed Bunting
Heron with nesting meterial

Basil the Bank Vole


Female Blackbird



Long Tailed Tit

Willow Warblergwh

The Butterflies are out too.

Monday 28 April 2014

The Gosling gang.
The Geese now have Goslings ( 8 in this brood )

Meeting at Brighouse re North Loop

On the 8th May there will be a meeting to discuss the proposals relating to the restoration of North Loop Closed Landfill Site, Cromwell Bottom. This meeting will provide a forum to input and discuss matters relating to the creation of biodiversity and access features on this unique development opportunity. The meeting will also provide further information and update on proposals surrounding the installation of a fish ladder and hydro-electricity option at the weir.

As usual, the meeting will be held at the Mulberry Suite, Brighouse 6th Form College, at 7:00pm on Thursday the 8th May.

In attendance will be key Council officers with which the project responsibilities lie. A draft map of the proposal providing an overview of the main elements of the restoration is attached, along with the location of the meeting.

If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.




LOCATION OF THE MULBERRY SUITE:  (circled in red)                  
Robin Dalton
Area Countryside Officer
Calderdale MBC
Spring Hall
Huddersfield Road

Thursday 24 April 2014

Brilliant Newt Count Night

The Newt Count Night last night run by Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group was well attended by about 20 people. It began with a treat organised by Robin Dalton of the Countryside Service. He invited Chris Tindal to attend who introduced Great Crested Newts into his parents pond many years ago. He now has a licence to handle them and use them for educational purposes, (he is a lecturer in Natural Sciences,) so he brought some males and a females in an aquarium for us to see.
Apologies for the poor pictures. The light levels were low, and the tank reflected the flash when I tried to use that.

Creat Crested Newts are not known to occur naturally in Calderdale. They are fully protected and you now need a licence to catch them and also to move them.

The search of the ponds on Tag Loop and the old wheel-wash for trucks on North Loop was also very successful, with hundreds of Palmate and Smooth Newts, males and females, found by the light of our torches.

We also saw at least two toads.

The two above are the male Great Crested Newt Triturus cristatus. His flamboyant spring crest is less noticeable out of water.
The three below are a female Great Crested Newt. Clicking on the pictures enlarges them, when the warty skin should be visible. An alternative name for this species  is Warty Newt..

In the aquarium, pictured from underneath, the size of the Great Crested Newt, with boldly marked belly, contrasts with the size of  and the faintly marked bellies of the Palmate Newts Triturus helveticus.

In this picture (above) you can see the boldly marked bellies of the Great Crested Newt; the smaller one with a boldly marked belly is a male Smooth Newt Triturus vulgaris, which is about the same size as the Palmate Newts, with less well marked bellies. 
Many thanks to Chris Tindal for taking the trouble to catch and bring males and females of all three species of  British newts, and apologies again for not being able to get better pictures. The FSC (Field Studies Council) sheet on Reptile and Amphibian identification is very good. (£2.75)

Monday 21 April 2014

Easter Time!

Popped down the last 3 days to see what's around, lots of Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs, & Willow Warblers around, a few Whitethroats have been seen too. At the Lagoon a Sedge/Reed warbler was calling, I think it was a Reed Warbler I heard myself but didn't manage a look at the offender. You should be able to catch them calling yourself as they pass. Still a few Bullfinch at the feeders & a lonesome Lesser Redpoll.
I was down by the river & this thing popped out for a swim.
Mink are not my favourite beast on site!
Went round to the feeding area some Goldfinch were around:
 Our little friend the vole was busy in the sunshine!
A walk down the river path provide many insect sightings.
Peacock Butterflies a plenty:
 A lot of these were around too but I haven't time for ID on them unfortunately.
I'm off to Northumbria for a few days - I'm sure Colin will know this immediately?

Pretty much the same as Friday but a little quieter, found this popping up near the river, I think it may turn into a Bluebell.
Don't say the word "weasel" when this is around, wasn't impressed lol.
 But our vole takes it in it's stride & was soon back munching.
Some chaffinches were sunbathing ..... but for hours at a time? I suspect this was to force parasites out of their feathers:

Today was very dull & a bit of a let down weather wise but after lurking by the river again, I managed a nice visit from A Grey Wagtail:

& to cheer me up even more - the Jays visited the feeders today.

Well that was my weekend! no more tomorrow I'll not be down, but you can still check it out, see what you can spot?

Sunday 20 April 2014

Night time Newts

Wednesday 23 April
Night Time Newts

Join our experts for an evening looking for different species of this elusive amphibian.
Meet in Cromwell Bottom Car Park (behind Cromwell House, off the A6025 Elland-Brighouse road HD6 2RG - look out for the brown road sign) at 8pm.
Bring warm clothing and a suitable torch (essential).
For further information contact Robin Dalton 07712 867619. After April 22nd
  • Easy walk on level paths

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Our 3rd AGM

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group held its 3rd AGM
On Wednesday the 9th April 2014

At the Mulberry Suite
Brighouse Sixth Form College

If you are interested in joining the Group then please contact Graham by email / post / or phone on /07445940385
Join us and help us make a difference.
Chris (left) presents a £500 cheque to Graham (the Groups Chair)

Apart from the Chairman's report (full report HERE) we were presented with a cheque for £500 from The 41 Club. We also received a cheque for £100 and several other donations along with several existing and new Members paying their subscriptions. We thank all those who help with our funds.

Monday 7 April 2014

Wildflower Seeds for Free

This offer is now well oversubscribed! and is not now available.
Well done done to those who managed to get a packet. Clearly the BBC need to extend this as people want to help wildlife.

BBC Countryfile is giving away packets of wildflower seeds for free. If you have no use for them and would like to order and donate them to Cromwell Bottom for our meadows then please follow this link. You can bring them to our Open Day in June or pop them the letter box at Graham's house.  16 Abbey Walk, Coronation Road, Halifax.  link Your generosity will be very much appreciated.

Thursday 3 April 2014

From the Undergrowth

April Part1
 Not posted any for a while so hear are 3 lots for you to go at hope you enjoy them.If you have any idea what the plant is i would be greatful for your input.


Speckled Wood



Bee on Hawthorn blossom

Orange Tip on a Forget Me Not

Male Blackcap
Early morning on the lagoon

? possably Field Mustard


Tagloop Canal with iron oxide from the old mine workings


Bluebell wood


Basil the Bank vole

(Horned !!! ) Blue Tit

Dipper flying under the  wier


Bracket Fungus ?
                                               CHECK OUT PARTS 2 AND 3 BELOW