Friday 22 November 2013

Strict Regime!

Hi All.
You may have noticed a reduction in feeding for the last few days - due to the Trichomonosis, we have been letting any standing bugs die. Tomorrow (Sat 23rd) we are starting a table rotation & cleaning system, only feeding from 3 spots out of 6 & swapping, cleaning every couple of days. Any food left on previous tables scraped off & thrown away.
All feeders swapped out, dipped, & air dried.

Many thanks to all who donate, help, put food out for our birds but ........

For a few weeks please refrain from placing food on empty surfaces unless one of our members are around to point out that days TABLES in use.

We will still welcome any donations of food, feeders etc but need to control uneaten, contaminated food, tables & feeders.
I'm sure you all understand this is in the best interest of the birds, & we are trying to keep them healthy for the cold weather ahead. I for one would like to be watching the Bullfinches over winter.

Thanks for your understanding & with vigilance we should quickly tame this disease & hopefully eradicate it from Cromwell until next Autumn.

Fingers crossed,

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B.Nield said...

We started feeding again this weekend & on close investigation, I saw no infected birds last couple of days. Feeding from tables 1,3, & 5 only, we will change next time to 2, 4, & 6, keeping a close eye on the birds for next 2 weeks or so. The nasty frost on Sat morning ensured any bugs were dead, just need to ensure non are carrying the virus, & not yet affected.