Wednesday, 27 November 2013

LLoyds Grant Information

I would like to thank the committee for all their time and effort in securing a £3000 grant from Lloyds Bank and also all of you that took the time to vote for us we THANK YOU very much .
Also to Lloyds Bank for giving us the opportunity to apply, the money will make a big difference to our future plans. yours Graham Haigh (Chairman)


Andy Kiz said...

Fantastic news!!!
Well done to all involved in securing this funding and of course to the voters too. Cant wait to see the work this money will fund!

gwh said...

Thanks andy as you can imagine we are well pleased yours Graham

B.Nield said...

I made a nusance of myself reminding people at work to vote for us - don't feel so bad now!
Graham, I suppose you will have to stand at side of a 6ft cardboard cheque now with Bruce, for promotional pictures lol.

gwh said...

i dont care even if its 10ft as long as its for 3k lol gwh

Dave Brotherton said...

That's great news Graham, chuffed for ya