Monday 24 February 2014

a few from today

                                             Male bullfinch
                                           Long tailed tit
                                           Blue tit
                                            Vole making sure it's safe to come out
                                          Out it comes
                                          Helping itself to the seed

Saturday 22 February 2014

Work Party 8th of February

Apologies for the delayed posting

Around 12 of us carried out path repairs and direction post fixing on the reserve, more signs to come.

Graham and Bella make a start on the worst bit. 

David and grandson also get stuck in

Barry with a spade

"it's either too long or the hole is not deep enough" says Robin after much thought.

The hole is already 3 foot deep,
so ...

... after a lengthy committee meeting it is decided (by a narrow majority) to shorten the sign

Too late to change now - the sign is cut and the cement is in

Thursday 20 February 2014


Does this help

Tuesday 18 February 2014

At the weekend!

What a decent day on Sunday - It was like a work day with most helpers appearing for a walk round.

A few Siskins were about:

Reed Buntings were regular:

Lots of visits from Long Tailed Tits:

Got some good views of Coal Tits:
The star today was the Vole appearances:

 Does the brown marking help with I.D. of this little visitor?

It was in & out all day - many people enjoyed it, Quite a good kid quiet tool too lol.
When they were silent it came out.

Friday 14 February 2014

Birds at cromwell bottom today

                                            cormorants taking a break on a pylon by the river
                                                       long tailed and blue tits
                                                male bullfinch
                                                   Can you spot the great spotted woodpecker?
                                                      male siskin
                                                  Lots of long tailed tits
                                            Juvenile siskin ( I think)
                                   Other birds included treecreeper, male reed bunting, great tit, robin, blackbird
                                   chaffinch and dunnock

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Publications page

There is a page in the Members Section where you can now download some publications relevant to the site. These are over 80Meg each so will take up to a minute to download.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Wednesday evening February 12th 2014

There is an indoor meeting this Wednesday the 12th of February at Spring Hall Mansions, Huddersfield Road, Halifax.  7:15pm for a 7:30pm start. All Welcome

Wednesday 5 February 2014


Hi all, we have been broken in to and nearly all the new tools have been stolen that we got with the Lloyds grant plus 4 tables that I only got last week, they have opened the fence ripped the side off the green shed by the door smashed off the chain bracket for the large doors opened the roller shutters and used our wheelbarrow to take the things away. It looks like they have used a grinder to cut our lock off the container, total cost will be around £750 to £800.   if any of you are at car boot sales look out for spades,  "Faithful"   mattocks (yellow handles ) post hole auger (blue ) post hole thumper (draper ), new saws and hammers, 26" tool box (ss) wooden brooms, 4 white folding Highline tables (only sold at Costco 6ft x 3ft), "Faithful" trenching spade, all will be new and probably all together, you can ring 101 and quote crime number 13140049658 also the garden cart has gone. Yours Graham
 I am gutted, I have put a lot of work into getting all that together and to see it all go is soul destroying and I am rapidly losing faith in human nature. yours Graham

Monday 3 February 2014

Recent feeder sightings

Same as Allan I was around the feeding station with him. What was nice - Was the feel of last winter with the 7-8 Siskins & Redpoll squabbling for the Nyger feeder, giving the first chance this year for half decent shots on the branches.

Head shot of Male Siskin
 Another after some grub
 Winking at us!

Quite a few Robins around now
Lots of L.T.Tits are visiting all day
Oh .... the Redpolls as mentioned

 Head shot of a sloppy chops! Redpoll
G.S.Woodpeckers are becoming more active

If your lucky the Jays come down to their feeders - couple from a week ago

Please stop by on your way round & check them out.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Some of Saturday's Delights at the Viewing Station.

                                                                    Siskin (M)
                                                              Long Tailed Tit
                                                                         Siskin (M)
                                                                       Blue Tit
                                                                  Siskin (F)
                                                                   Lesser Redpoll
                                                         Short Tailed Field Vole
                                                                        Siskin (M)
                                                                  Lesser Redpoll (M)
                                                                     Great Tit