Monday, 4 January 2016

YWT? Why not have a go?

I have just come across a Photo competition that should be good for everybody.

They even have a smartphone category!

All entries are by end of this month, but you don't have to have taken a ridiculously high quality, perfectly done photograph to Win in this Competition. Yes it helps, but you would be surprised what gets selected as the winners. The Public get to vote after finalists are selected & they can have quirky personal tastes in pictures.
I believe prizes are Workshops, Wildlife Safaris in U.K. etc with Steve Race!

Whatever your level of picture taking & whatever your standard of equipment, You still have a good chance in this competition!

So all snappers - please do consider having a go at this one!


BUT ....  If you happen to think your the Bee's Knee's of Camerapersons & you are far too good for that type of competition then you could have a go at either of these, see how good you really are?
These are Professional Level competitions & can cost quite a bit to enter & You will Really, need to be taking very high quality Professional standard images, trying to win BIG prizes like £5,000 or £10,000. Image Quality, composition, subject etc is extremely high.
Yes you have to pay big money to enter! that's how they raise the big Prize funds!

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