Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Chunky Monkey

As I have mentioned on Allan's Post - We have a Monster Nuthatch coming down to the Cabin feeders. It is clearly bigger than the others & just sits there munching Green sunflower seeds.
"Chunky Monkey" is his name & he can't be bothered to fly off when food is there to be eaten, he would rather sit still & eat, & eat, & eat.....

Here's 3 shots of "Chunky Monkey" I think if he tried hanging upside down he'd fall off! You can tell it's this one, it always sits on top munching away.

Here is a STD one for comparison.

He's not completely on his own - there is also a big Great Tit around too.

They maybe eating far more than required to stay trim, it might be the warm weather we have been having? The birds are possibly eating for Winter Temperatures - But don't need too!
Hopefully not too many will get XXXL.

See if you can spot them next time your passing - It's pretty easy .... they don't move much!


Dave Brotherton said...

Seen them both Barry and they've just joined the local weight watchers club lol.

Allan said...

Like many of us its looks like the birds have added a few extra calories over the Christmas period. Unlike us, it will probably do them good.

Let's hope that Chunky-monkey doesn't provide a few extra calories for the Sparrow-hawk because he's sitting around stuffing his beak with nice tasting seed.

B.Nield said...

That's the way it works unfortunately.
Reminds me of the story .... 2 guys walking through the bush when a lion looks over the grass at them. the fist one starts putting his trainers on, the second says, why you doing that? you can't outrun a lion. The first then says No I can't - but I only have to outrun YOU! & Pow .. off he goes.....
These 2 are at risk of getting eaten, but that means the slim, trim, super fit, observant birdies, don't.
Y'know, the ones that put their trainers on!.