Sunday, 3 January 2016

Birds of a feather: Some of what makes Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve special

                 Goldfinches are showing well and presenting us with some good photo oportunities

 Some people think of Dunnock as just a LBJ (Little brown job) but in the right light they are stunning little birds

 We are getting Jays close up now on a regular basis, These were taken from the window of the cabin.                                (Thanks Barry for giving me the idea)

 The Nuthatches continue to thrill us. I think they are great to photograph( Though sometimes you have to be quick as they don't always hang around before they fly off to stash their seeds or peanuts)

 We have a pair of Robins at the Cabin feeders. Great to see them looking their best in the afternoon sun


B.Nield said...

Have you not got the "Chunky Monkey" nuthatch yet?
There's a huge fat one coming down which likes Green Sunflower hearts by the bucket load, sitting on the top of log for up to 15mins eating itself into oblivion. I say oblivion as the Sparrow hawk will inevitably target it, as it's so much slower than the others!
Yours are all slim, trim , standard Nuthatches - I'll fish out some of the Chunky Monkey & post later.

Roy said...

loving the photos