Sunday, 3 January 2016

What a load of old rubbish.....

.... As Bruce reports, 18 of us tackled the debris along the river and canal paths yesterday. At first sight it was a miserable prospect, but armed with good gloves and plenty of sacks we set to work and, amazingly, made a really big difference to the look of the area. I'm sure we all reflected on the amount of plastic in the stuff we collected - 3 cheers for the new carrier bag charges!
If you're thinking of joining in on a work day please don't be put off by the nature of the tasks we go for - anyone is welcome and there's always something for everyone to do as well as plenty of good conversation and company and a cup of tea back at the cabin mid-morning. If you're not an outdoor type we can still put other talents to good use, just get in touch and come along - its not a bad choice for a New Year's resolution!
So, hoping to see you soon............Happy New Year!

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B.Nield said...

Don't forget - we should be having a bash at the Bund Bridge this Saturday (9th) & probably clearing up some more rubbish on the way back afterwards.