Monday, 4 March 2013

From Weekend!

We had a lot of new visitors again to the feeding area, which means plenty of new people are enjoying our birds, & finding out about our group.
Plenty of cards handed out for information, I assume some of them are going to look in at this site, so here's a few snaps of some of what they were seeing:

Mr Sad looking Robin:
 Who cheered up a bit.
Mr Bullfinch put on a good display as usual.

Goldies were around a bit too:
Blue & Great Tits were everywhere singing & chasing each other:

& one of my personal Fav's are still around:

A lot of people are finding "Mr Sad Robin" highly amusing grabbing seed & scraps from the bench & around our feet, but he can drive you nuts - Singing full blast only 2 feet away for hours on end lol.

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