Saturday, 2 March 2013

A couple from London


Cetti's Warbler

Cetti's Warbler




Bitten hiding in the reeds

To view photo's in full just click on the picture. yours GWH


B.Nield said...

Well Graham, We might have to take your word for it regarding the Bittern. Looks like a shot of some reeds to me? lol.
Nice views of the Giant Wren though (Cetti's), hopefully I might get the ones at Blacktoft in the next few weeks.

Bruce said...

Well Graham, I can see it quite clearly! Mind you I had plenty practice at Minsmere many years ago.

gwh said...

Hi Barry look 1" down and 1" TO THE RIGHT FROM THE LEFT HAND CORNER you will see its eye and beak pointing to the top left hand corner. gwh

B.Nield said...

Don't panic Guys - it was all tongue in cheek! Like my big Wren comment - Usually when I catch a Cetti's - first thoughts are - thats a big wren!.
You can see a dark shape slap bang centre of the picture, in the reeds.
Still a good shot of the reeds though! LOL

gwh said...

I have a few more of reeds and branch's we could have a comp whos taken the best twig pici award. gwh