Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Busy Sunday

I wanted to help out with the nest box building on Saturday - but had some Personal business needed attending to. So I popped down on Sunday, especially as there was a possibility of a coating of snow!
No Snow at Cromwell but the feeding area was positively heaving. Siskin & L.T.Tits were constantly visiting 10+ of each most of the day. Chaffinch were the same 10+. I couldn't guess the Blue & Great Tit numbers, just too many, Goldfinch were at 6, & a single lonesome Redpoll.

Siskins were Posing everywhere!

So were L.T.Tits - A good day for photo's of these fellas.

A few more Posers!
Not sure if the Redpolls have moved on? But there was a large flock of Siskin around the tree tops all day & we were getting good numbers at the feeders again. Shame it was so cold (brrr) but Siskin Photo Oppertunities were fantastic, & I got a nice posing Coal Tit, usually most illusive.


gwh said...

nice pic's Barry the Siskin has a nice hair do yours gwh

Ken said...

First class pics again. Brilliant