Thursday, 13 October 2016

We're part of the Brighouse Festival!

Brighouse Festival runs from 22nd to 30th October with lots of different events in the town. Cromwell Bottom is doing its bit to make sure there's plenty of variety in the mix by offering 3 separate activities during the week.

Here's the full list of what's on [correct at 13th October, but do check their website for updates]

There is some confusion regarding our events. The Brighouse Festival states that there is a £2:00 charge to visit our Reserve. This is incorrect, we NEVER charge and never have. All are welcome to come along as normal for FREE.

Our guided walks are popular with visitors and in October we'll be seeing more winter birds at our feeders, hopefully plenty of colour in the trees and maybe some interesting fungi. Our friendly walk leaders have lots of interesting information to share so we hope you can make a visit.


Colin D said...

I would just like to point out that meet the Birds seems to be charging £2 per ticket with a booking fee of 50 p £ 2.50 I am not aware the birds where charging for their presence on the nature reserve Please be clear either its free or not . A Local Nature Reserve is not a fee charging entity

Steve Blacksmith said...

Keep up the good work ladies and gents at CBWG

Mike Henshaw said...

Colin Duke I don't know where you are getting your information from,but you know as well as anyone that the group do not charge for anything,and nowhere on the Brighouse festival page does it say otherwise ,so please delete your comment and get your facts right in future.

Sally Henshaw

B.Nield said...

After checking the facts - CBWG & CB Reserve are not charging anything at all!
Brighouse Festival have apparently taken it upon themselves to put a charge on & Booking Fee!
From what I can gather it's some kind of Administration fee thing, for booking through their site!
If anyone would like to come along to any of the planned events - Please just meet in the car park at the designated time & you will not get charged!
Donations will be gratefully received of course! But there will not be a mandatory fee to take part!
So please Colin - Direct your complaining to the relevant organization which is not CBWG! Why would you jump to the Wrong Conclusion & have a go at CBWG? A few simple questions & the real story was figured out.

gwh said...

Thanks for your concern about the fees Colin but as YOU WELL KNOW we do not charge for any of our events everything is by donation if you can afford and would like to give fine if you cannot afford still come along and that's still fine , our view is money should not be a block to enjoy nature as I know yours is so please think about your comments first or even ask us and if we are doing something wrong we will rectify it . Yours Graham

Colin D said...

Hello Graham The facts on this matter are correct Someone is charging for an event CBWG are running. £2 To the Festival and 50 p to the Booking Agent . The fact remains a charge is being levied on a service you are providing Its up to the Group to get that right also remember you are Trustees and legally bound as individuals as to any act or omission you make. Again you conveniently miss the point In participating in this festival you enterred into a contract which you are party to the charges and placed a link to Book Thereon that site, Think Carefully.

The impression that this gives to any visitor is that they must pay and book to visit the reserve Please note Mike and Barry I did check the facts which is why I raised the point so that people do realise there is no CHARGING . Mike I suggest you check your facts , and perhaps apologise , when you have arrived at them .


If you want to raise the issue formally then that can be facilitated including issues of planning consent

Consistent with your constituition I would suggest that that you communicate , coperate with other stake holder groups who also operate on the reserve .

Event Cromwell Bottom Nature Walk
Venue Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve
Date Tue 25 Oct 2016 at 1:00PM
Section Nature
Select the number of tickets you want to buy from the available choices...
£2.00 + booking fee* =
Booking Fee
Booking Total
*A booking fee applies per transaction
up to £25.00 10%†
up to £35.00 9%
up to £50.00 8%
up to £100.00 7%
up to £250.00 6%
up to £500.00 5%
over £500.00 4%
†minimum booking fee £0.50

gwh said...

Hi Colin we were asked if we could put on some events for the Brighouse festival we agreed and stated that we don't charge for these things the error has come from there end not ours , if the impression has been given that we charge then we will put that right on our blog we canot dictate to the festival what they do however I will ask there committee to rectify ithis in future ..yours Graham

Colin D said...

Thank you Graham for claryifying I understand the position and know your views unfortunately its folk who have paid the event and booking fee that have been hard done by, With the greatest of respect I still dont think the point is coming accross its what you are doing and have done to incurr charging

Its a little concerning that in raising awareness of the issue its myself thats wrong or the Brighouse Festival at fault lets be open honest - we made a mistake and put it right was all needed

Contrary to Mikes assertion I did the courtesy of asking a number of folk members and public and they thought likewise that there would be a cost to participate. Enough said hope all who come on the day enjoy Nature for what it is

B.Nield said...

I would just like to point out - that I keep seeing comments referring to Mike!
I think if we read that post again & look a bit more carefully - We will see that Mike has not made any comments at all?
I am sure my eyesight is not deceiving me - & somebody else Clearly signed off that post.

Looks like a shared Logon to me!

Allan said...

Can I suggest that everyone moves on from this discussion. The one thing we all have in common is that we want the best for the reserve and for people of all backgrounds and ages to enjoy and celebrate what it has to offer.