Sunday, 9 October 2016

Making Progress.... Saturday's working day.

There was a very good turn out of volunteers, including some newer faces this week. We took delivery of the components for the pond dipping platform so it was all hands on deck to carry it all, plank by plank, from the car park to the reserve, and here's  the reason why: as you can see we have no vehicle access yet, so it was all carried in across the footbridge.

The contractors are working hard to get the new bridge built, although progress seems slow there is a huge amount of work done already. They are very patient and accommodating with us when we need to access the reserve during working hours - thank you guys!

Repairs are under way at the bird viewing area to get ready for winter visitors - birds and people.
Robin led a team of path clearers to make sure that we keep the wheelchair access paths in good shape - sorry no photos of this, but they made the path seem twice as wide!

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