Monday, 4 November 2013

a few birds at the feeders today (and a squirrel)

                                             coal tit
                                          blue tit
                                           grey squirrel
                                           Also about where a few jays and bullfinches


Bruce said...

Nice shots Mel. Did you see the Grey Squirrel feeding. I know it sounds a daft question but we would like to know and if so on what?

Unknown said...

It didn't go on any of the feeders when I was there but was on the tree stump, where the chaffinch is pictured. I think there must have been some seed on the stump.

Allan said...

I was down this morning (Thurs) the squirrel was there and feeding on the sunflower heart I had put down on the stump. I didn't see it on the P- nuts.