Saturday, 10 November 2012

Saturdays build

We had superb autumn weather. Colin, Joanne, Mick, Robin, David, Allan and myself got stuck in to the build.

The bridge is required to span a deep gap which run between the west and east lagoon. 

The foundations are dug and oak is used for the bases in contact with the ground.

The bridge supports fit perfectly on the foundations.

The stretchers are also a really snug fit.

The bridge is finally complete.

We were at it from 9:30 until 4 pm and were pleased with the result.

Joanne took this picture of the volunteers testing the bridge.


B.Nield said...

Didn't get to Cromwell until around lunch - thought you may have finished it by the time I was there, & had to leave by 3pm. Looks proper solid for the job! A couple of ballister rails would look pretty cool on there.
I filled all the empty feeders & listened to screaming kids instead!
Nice work though! sure it will be appreciated.

Andy Kiz said...

Great work everyone, as poster above says handrails might be an idea, the HSE usually demand it so bear in mind. I can just imagine the reserve in 5 years time with all you wonderful volunteers, it's going to be an incredible place!