Saturday 10 November 2012

Around today!

Didn't have to long to spare today - In between what I had to do & a quick look out for some Waxwings at a location, managed a couple of hours down there.
Filled up all the feeders (practically) then the Bullfinch invasion began! 6 on & off all the time I was there. Redpolls were very quiet today max of 4 on one occasion but at least 8 different individuals had visited. Coal Tits galore, masses of Great Tits, 5 Magpies cleaning up & on Squirrel watch. There was 4 Robins present for a few minutes but after a lot of chasing, that went back down to our regular 1, with Dunnock & Wren too. On my way up the back track to the station a Peregrine was passing over, interesting to watch a Wood Pigeon drop out of the sky like a brick! when it saw it. We had a high fly over from the Female Sprawk, & Chaffinch were at about 10 at one point, with a nice surprise visit from a Male Greater Pecker at about 2.15pm.

Some of the Redpolls:


A One legged Blue Tit we have!
Couple of Bullfinch:

Cheeky Mapie Cleaning up all the scraps.
& Finally the chance for a snap of this Chap!
Now Allan's knocking out better snaps! + getting this Fella before me - He's actually Too close for me when on the Peanuts - Thought I better step it up a bit!
Ah well just have to do a Portrait instead!

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