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Female Kingfisher
The West Lagoon

Welcome to Cromwell Bottom Local Nature Reserve

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Membership of the Group

Membership is £10 per year, due April the 1st.  If you join from January to March then your membership lasts until April the following year, i.e. upto 15 months. Your membership will help us buy seeds and feeders for the very popular feeding area and other items for repairs and renewals of fences, seating, paths etc.

If you would like to contact us for more information or join the Group - then email us at CromwellBottom@gmail.com   

You can also post sightings if you ask us to add you to the blog after joining.

We are a group of volunteers who are dedicated to the conservation and management of this important site for the benefit of education and wildlife there. 

We are a new group (Established in Nov 2011) and although our numbers are small (but steadily growing) our enthusiasm is great. Fund raising is a priority as we have many projects to tackle.

Along with our sister blog Calderdale Wildlife and also Calderdale Birds we have the area well covered for sightings and reports.

You can come along to organised site visits, or just visit any time.

We have over a mile of track suitable for wheel chairs, although in wet weather going can be muddy.


We are always in need of volunteers as there are always things to do to maintain and improve the reserve for wildlife and visitors.

There is no need to be physically fit,  just your support is always welcome. We have safety equipment in place and fully organised work parties.

We have regular indoor meetings at nearby venues.

Reserve Location

Cromwell Bottom L.N.R. is situated on the River Calder between Brighouse and Elland in W. Yorkshire, UK  (Map) 

Donations to the Group

Like all volunteer groups we are always in need of donations, whether it be monetary or equipment - even a bag of bird seed or feeder is most welcome, not forgetting that any specialist knowledge is priceless.

Contact us via our email.  

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Roy said...

Hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow shame I have to work but I will be thinking of you all cause this is a brillent place to chill and watch wildlife

Bruce said...

Many thanks for your comment and good wishes Roy. We did have a really good time. The weather was brilliant but muggy. We had lots of visitors.


Unknown said...

Hi there is a dead fox on the path around the meadow looks young. Unsure what to do about it.

hazeyandrew II said...

Having problems logging in...