Tuesday 6 December 2022

Photographs from the past year

 It's been good to get down to the reserve more regularly in the past year or so to enjoy all it has to offer, and to see and hear about the excellent developments in recent years and those to come.  It's always been a great place to visit and looks as though it will thrive even more in the years ahead.  There's been a lot of great work done by many people and they all deserve a huge 'thank you'!

Here's a selection of images from in and around the reserve in the last 12 months:

View across the lagoon

Blue Tit


Buttercups in The Meadow

Great Tit

Along the canal


Clover in The Meadow

Young robin moulting into adult plumage

Female Chaffinch

Autumnal foliage in the Small Meadow



Bruce said...

A nice group of pictures Ric - Thanks

Alan Pullan said...

As a volunteer your comments are much appreciated and make all the hard work worth while.

Unknown said...

lovely pics