Friday, 3 June 2022

Moth night sat 4th

 I think 9.30 arrivals for 10.00pm start this time, summer must be here! 

Last time we had a decent haul,

Tachystola acroxantha, large twin spot, green carpet, and straw dot, before it got dark.

Eudonia mercurella, flame carpet, pebble hook tip, white spotted pug, grey birch,poplar hawk moth, silver ground carpet, white ermine, pale tussock, flame shoulder, brightline brownleye, pebble prominent, clouded drab, ingrained clay, ancylis bandana, lesser swallow prominent, common white wave, and common swift, all came after dark and mostly around the lamp.

22 in just a couple of hours, it's that time of year now, anything can arrive and haul numbers are unguessable.

So sit watching the tv or go hands on with nature and get down for a moth night.

See whoever then.

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