Thursday, 4 February 2021

Bird Sightings January 2021

Mute Swan Snipe Goldcrest Whooper Swan Black-headed Gull Wren Pink-footed Goose Common Gull Great Tit Canada Goose Stock Dove Coal Tit Mallard Wood Pigeon Blue Tit Teal Kingfisher Long-tailed Tit Goldeneye Great Spotted Woodpecker Nuthatch Goosander Meadow Pipit Magpie Cormorant Grey Wagtail Jay Grey Heron Dipper Carrion Crow Buzzard Dunnock Chaffinch Sparrowhawk Robin Lesser Redpoll Kestrel Song Thrush Goldfinch Peregrine Redwing Siskin Water Rail Blackbird Bullfinch Moorhen Reed Bunting Thanks to Jeff, Mike, Allan, Lyn and Hayley for their sightings


Alan Pullan said...

Great job Vic. It is really interesting to see the range of birds in the reserve and something unexpected always turns up like the Snipe in January, let's hope we see the Dippers again soon as must be near from photos on Calder.

Vic K said...

Alan, I think the problem with dippers is that the river floods so often. My experience with snipe is that they look for lowland boggy areas in winter so are not unexpected at CB in Winter. You are right about expect the unexpected, without giving too much away we had a VERY special bid this week!

Thanks for the comment


Jeff said...

The photo was taken from the bridge near the bird viewing area in the centre of Cromwell Bottom