Friday 31 January 2020

January 2019 Bird Sightings

Below are all the reported bird sightings for Cromwell Bottom nature
reserve in January 2020. Many thanks to all who contributed, most
especially Mike Henshaw and Jeff Milne.

Highlight is undoubtably the over-wintering chiffchaff but the long
staying water rail on the lagoon is also worth a mention.

55 birds in total.

Cromwell Bottom Bird Sightings January 2020
Mute SwanDunnock
Pink-footed GooseRobin
Grey Lag GooseSong Thrush
Canada GooseRedwing
MallardMistle Thrush
Little GrebeChiffchaff
Grey HeronWren
BuzzardGreat Tit
SparrowhawkCoal Tit
KestrelBlue Tit
Water RailLong-tailed Tit
Black-headed GullJay
Common GullJackdaw
Herring GullRook
Lesser Black Backed GullCarrion Crow
Stock DoveChaffinch
Wood PigeonLinnet
Barn OwlGoldfinch
Great Spotted WoodpeckerBullfinch
Grey WagtailGreenfinch
Reed Bunting


Ric Jackson said...

A great range of birds, but I don't see a redpoll on the list. Are they not around any more?

Vic K said...

There have not been any sightings of redpoll reported to me yet this year. This time last year we had plenty of redpoll and siskin but we haven't even had many siskins this year. It may be due to the milder weather we have had this year.

Ric Jackson said...

Thanks for your reply, Vic. Yes, the weather is a likely explanation. BTO records in the last 2 weeks only show redpoll sightings in the Leeds, Harrogate and Wakefield areas and also much further west of CB, as far as I can tell.