Monday 11 June 2018

North Loop

I had a wander round on Sunday morning (with permission :-) to do a bit of mothing and generally enjoy the solitude. It was a warm and generally sunny day so not surprisingly there was plenty of
lepidoptera on the wing - most notably this stunning Blood-vein to the west of the site by the Calder: It's more of a southern species with very few records in Calderdale.

There were a few species colonising the site which are more familiar on Tag meadow including a few Yellow Shells (below) and Shaded Broad-bars

It was nice to see quite a few burnet moth cocoons and pupae on the vegetation after their apparent demise in Tag meadow. Maybe they'll colonise in their thousands as the population has now gotten a foothold.

And one for the micro moth enthusiasts (what do you mean there aren't any :-) was this Eucosma cana on Yarrow.

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Bruce said...

Nice report and pictures Charlie.