Friday, 7 July 2017

At the Ponds

Thursday morning was warm and sunny - a great day for pond gazing. The first working group for a few weeks was small but busy. We added some water into the Tag Loop ponds as the levels were getting very low and took the chance to do a bit of pond dipping ourselves.
Damsel flies were dancing across the water and there was lots of action below the water line. We dipped a few creatures out for inspection - unfortunately some of them ate some of the others before we had managed any ID!

There were plenty of efts [immature newts] of varying sizes:

We also found dragonfly nymphs and watched them devour some of our other treasures - ah well! Here's a link if you'd like to know more about their life cycle: British Dragonfly Society

The ponds are a lovely place to be - please help us all to look after them. Keep children safe and keep dogs out of the water so that it stays clear and settled - thanks!

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