Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cromwell Kids

I was going to put up snaps of the birds at the feeders .... But they have been done already & that might be boring.
A lot of people have been coming into the Cabin/CafĂ© on Sundays & telling us about their short encounters with Kingfishers mostly along the Canal, on the river & even at the two new ponds on Tag Loop. Yes that's correct! they have been visiting those two ponds at the side of the path that you walk past.
There are a few places along the Canal - where if you look really carefully, one of the young Kingfishers are sat watching you. But you need to look! they can be easy to walk past, are not too bothered by you, & don't always fly off to give away their presence.
Check any sticks poking out of the far bank especially around any reedy areas, they like the food that hangs out in the shallows.

 Here are a few half decent shots of a couple of our Kingfisher's Kids.

 Keeping an eye out on the sky - Don't want to be eaten yourself!

 Something just moved?

 Anyone got a comb?

 Wassat!!! Another Kingfisher just shot past!

 Gotchya - But what do I do now?
Ah .... Toss it, catch & swallow!

Don't know what this is but I'm having it for afters!

Keep your eyes peeled! Bring binoculars with you & if you spot them before they spot you - then you can have a good look at the birds instead of just the blue flash flying away.

They are very VOCAL at the moment too - letting each other know they are around.

Hope you enjoy the snaps - I love taking pictures of this species.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not sure if my last post worked!
These pictures and storyline are so very good - superb and worthy of far and wide publication. Congratulations to B.Nield for his excellence, and to the KF kids for making themselves known to him! Brilliant.

Rowaddy said...

Great shots Barry.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Beautiful shots, and I always love it when you are able to construct a story from the photographs.