Tuesday 23 August 2016

Photos from CBWG Open Day. 20/08/2016

                                   Many thanks to Kevin and his team for an excellent display

                                             Face painting was very popular with all ages

                                         Halifax Scientific Society were well represented

                                               Mini pond dipping was very enjoyed by all

                                                                    Nigel is a star.
                                                        Mike overseeing things
                       Bearded Dragons ( Here are the Male and female) were very popular

                                                    Royal Python being handled by a visitor.
                                      Learning that nature is special starts at an early age.

 Hissing Cockeroaches. Not everybodies favourite but I like them. Many thanks to Sarah for bringing these and all the other animals.

                                                              Willow weaving.
                             What is that you have there? If you know please tell Steve B.
                              Robin and family. Thanks for your help and support Robin.

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