Friday, 22 January 2016


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This event has had a few different descriptions bantered about recently, but here's what it's all about :

We would like to invite all owners of cameras to come along on Sat 30th & have a snapping session on the reserve.

It's going to be our First Official Photography Day - & is for the benefit of all.

We may split whoever turns up on the day into different groups. On the one hand, people may want to Photograph Landscapes, i.e. weirs, water, winter scenery. On the other, people may want to get shots of wildlife i.e. birds around the Feeding areas. Or you may want to go Macro, close ups of Frosty spider webs, branches etc.

Who is it for:
Everybody, whatever level of skills you have, whatever type of camera, whatever equipment you own.

What will You need:
Obviously Warm Clothing, boots/wellies, hat, scarf, gloves etc & your camera, lenses, tripod, bean bag & any other item you think you might use. Please remember to bring your spare cards & batteries, just in case.
If you want to stay for the entire the day, bring a packed lunch to enjoy in the cabin with a nice Cuppa whilst we chat & answer any other questions you may have, maybe plan what you want to photograph next, or look at your pictures taken earlier.

What will it be about:
This event is all about getting you the shots you would like, with advice & help with all aspects on the day. People will be on hand to:
- Direct you to your subjects.
- Give pointers on best angles, positions etc, to snap from.
- Offer advice on how to improve your shots even further.
- Offer help with Camera settings, menu's & equipment advice for nature photography.

We will try to answer whatever Question you may have regarding Photography - But the Day is for helping you get the most out of snapping the Nature & Habitat of Cromwell Bottom.

Assuming it is not Lashing it Down - which is not very good for electronic equipment we should be assembling in the Car Park & the Visitor Cabin approx. 9.30am.

Suggested Donation for the Day of £2.50 PP would be gratefully received!
If you have any questions you can email me, or if you would like to let us know your coming (idea of numbers) please post a comment below.


Unknown said...

I'd love to come on this photo day, see you there at 9:30am.

B.Nield said...

Thanks for the comment & Email letting us know you are coming, So we have one person coming then, so far! lol

Dave Brotherton said...

Can't make it Baz as I work Saturdays mate but I hope it's a good day for all.