Thursday, 21 January 2016

Another Appeal

Jon Dempsey is urgently needing photos or videos of local flooding to ascertain main areas likely to be affected. For future reference.

Thank You. Please send any info via his email below.

Jon Dempsey    Jon.Dempsey@CH2M.Com


B.Nield said...

I have had deliver failure on the Email address shown above? "unrouteable address" error returned.

Bruce said...

Hi Barry
The address is correct for me and pulls up Jon's email

B.Nield said...

Go on then - send him one? see what happens lol. No problem getting an address - but it can't be delivered! I sent a mail & it was bounced back! "unrouteable address".

Bruce said...

You are correct Barry. I thought last night it was not complete.
I will send Nigel an email for this problem.