Friday 18 September 2015

At the Feeding Station

A few images from yesterday afternoon.  Really good to see the nuthatch.  A jay and great spotted woodpecker also put in a very brief appearance, but no photo ops for those two.

Coal Tit

Male Chaffinch

Blue Tit

Female Chaffinch

Great Tit




Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That robin looks a mite puzzled over something!

Dave Brotherton said...

Nice shots Ric, good to see the Nuthatch at the viewing area

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments. The robin put in just a brief appearance a few minutes before I had to leave. It was looking cautious as it hopped around the table. Hope the jay and woodpecker are amenable to having their photo taken sometime this autumn. I haven't any images of them, yet!

Allan said...

We seem to have more birds coming in than what we did this time last year great to see the photos coming in. Jays and Gt Spotted Woodpecker have been coming down but are very cautious. We are planning to put another log at the back with space for peanuts.