Saturday, 18 July 2015

Rewilding Britian

I came across this site Rewilding Britain via Peter Cairns' Facebook page.  Is it of any interest or use to anybody?

Ric J


Bruce said...

Many thanks Ric. We will look into this.

B.Nield said...

Oh yes ... Bears, Wolves & Lynx would be nice on North Loop! haha
I think we are already doing this on North Loop with our plans, & have already done it on the rest of Cromwell Bottom, as best we can!
I'm not sure some of the beasties they would like are possible nowadays, too little land for them to roam & too many people on what there is. Maybe in a couple of parts of Scotland!
I think we should concentrate on what we already have & stop them from disappearing. i.e. How would the pure Scottish Wildcats get on if Lynx were released? They are in enough trouble already! & the Pine Martins might struggle with such an Apex predator having them on the menu.
As much as I like the idea it needs a good thinking about before releasing anything. Personally I think we need to clear out Grey Squirrels & Mink before releasing anything else into the environment. Look at the damage they have caused to native species. Native Red Squirrels are vanishing & the Mink with man's help nearly got rid of the Water Vole!
How will the Beavers do? What effect will they have on their Environment now they are back, although I think they will improve it for other wildlife, they may come into conflict with Man, we will see over the next few years.