Friday, 10 April 2015

Easter at Cromwell

Lots of Human visitors at weekend, due to the big orange thing in the sky!
Lots of singing Chiffchaff, a reported Blackcap, Woodpeckers drumming, Buzzards calling above the Hill & the usual suspects. A few Peacocks & commas had appeared around the feeding area.

Wrens have become very active
 Here's a Wren collecting moss, unfortunately it cannot resist singing with mouth full & so drops most of the load.
 Here's one giving it some!
 & this one said it was far too bright!
Jays have been visiting again
 Even they can't be quiet
Reed Bunting still regular
 As are the Coal Tits
 Robin Falling Off! Too busy watching another one.
Still plenty of dumplings (Bullfinch) about



Simon Douglas Thompson said...

A wren sat on a bush outside the window last night, and sang so loud I could hear it over Judas Priest on Top of the Pops 1980

Steve Midgley said...

Nice shots

Unknown said...

Some excellent images, especially of the wren. A nice story going on in those pictures.