Wednesday 22 April 2015

Birds and Butterflies and the return of the Vole

                                       Peacock Butterfly warming itself on the gravel path at tag loop
                                             Chiff Chaff feeding in the branches at Tag Loop
                                             Bullfinch(M) looking his best for his mate
                          Male Chaffinches are looking their best at this time of the year
                     Great Tits seem to be all around making their distinctive sounds

                                              Our little Coal Tits are as agile as ever
A female Chaffinche may not be as attactive as the male but she's preparing to bring in the next generation. That makes her special
 Our Male Reed  Buntings are getting bolder, coming onto the logs on a regular basis.
 Robins are singing all over the reserve, declaring to other Robins, keep out this is mine. This one certainly looks as if he's in charge around the viewing station (At least as other Robins go)
    Stock Doves have been increasingly getting closer. More competition for the peanuts
 This Magpie couldn't wait until we had all gone before he came down. He looks disappointed.

                                    This Wren was busy getting ready to for house building.
 We have been wondering about the voles. Well they are back and it is great to see them around.
                          First Male Orange Tip I'd seen and the first I've photographed this year.
                                                Glad it chose to rest while the others were talking
                     My first Comma of the year warming itself on the gravel path at Tag Loop


gwh said...

Great set Allan lens is now coming into its own

Allan said...

Cheers Graham.

Steve Midgley said...

Really nice

Allan said...

Thanks Steve.