Sunday 1 March 2015

Herons Busy Today

                      CBNR today was busy with the tit family & robins at the
                      car park feeders and bumped into Steve Blacksmith who's
                      the chairman of the Calderdale Wildlife Group and he was telling
                      me about the newts in the pond which is good to hear.
                      Bird viewing area was quiet even the bullfinch were being shy
                      only a few showing, but was told by Barry that a Sparrowhawk
                      had just flown through.
                                                          Herons were busy building nests and
                      doing naughty's in the tree's and a few flyovers with branches in
                      their beaks.
                                        The Juv Mute Swan was having a fight with an old rag
                      on the canal.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That's quite a pink bullfinch, I see other shots where they look much redder - probably down to eager photoshopping I guess.

B.Nield said...

Hello Simon, many reasons for Bullfinch colours. First there is a big difference between camera manufacturers colouration in their cameras, Secondly - angle of sun & strength can change their colour. This one is more orangey due to sunshine, if it was overcast it would have been pink. They can be red looking to the eye in yellow sunlight, mornings/evenings. If you see a shot & the bird is very red - that one has been overdone in the software, look at the blacks, whites & greys on the bird - you will be able to see they are off a little.
Bullfinch males should generally look pinkish to the eye, especially when you get close to them.
Oh & then there is individual human eyesight - We don't all see colours the same.