Saturday, 31 January 2015

Busy at Cromwell Today 30/01/15

                        Birds seen at the Bird Watching site today 30/01/15-:
                         Lots of Great, Blue and Coal tits
                         4 Chaffinch
                         6 Bullfinch
                         4 Blackbirds
                         2 Robins
                         1 Jay
                         4 Cormorants flying over
                          Flock of Lapwings and flock of geese but too high to see what type
                          1 Wren
                          8 Tufted Duck down on bottom lake
                          4 Moorhen and 3 Little Grebe up by the weir
                          2 Little Grebe by the bottom bridge

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Unknown said...

Some characterful images. Nice work.