Monday 20 October 2014

Green Sandpiper & Water Rail confirmed!

I have heard through numerous channels now that we had a visiting Green Sandpiper & also water Rail was seen.
Sometimes people can be sceptical at times especially with Water Rail sightings.
But thanks to modern technology especially digital cameras, positive ID's can be shown to all.
Over on the Calderdale Bird Blog they have some more than adequate record shots of both species, displaying clearly, all the necessary features to ID both species without a doubt.
Please have a look! - I hope they don't mind me linking in so we can enjoy them.


David Sutcliffe said...

Welcome to link in anytime.

steadyeddy said...

Nice to see them both at Cromwell.

Dave Brotherton said...

I also saw the water rail in the lagoon last week sneaking about in and out of the reeds and mentioned it to graham and mike.