Tuesday 3 June 2014

Saturday 31st of May visit to Park Wood

A short visit to Park Wood (not quite on site but near enough) on Saturday produced these flowers. There were ten of us on the walk. Many thanks to Robin who led it and identified the flowers for us. Various bees and hoverflies were seen along with hundreds of wolf spiders in the short grass, many with egg sacs.

The group flower hunting

Plant List:
Yellow archangel. herb Robert, garlic mustard (Jack-By-The-Hedge), wood sorrel, common sorrel, hogweed, cuckoo flower (ladys-smock), tormentil, dog rose, birds foot trefoil, bluebells, red Campion, tufted vetch, buttercups (creeping and meadow), clover, daisy, sow thistle and Goose grass (Cleavers) The garlic mustard leaves were rather nice, I must collect some for a salad! The U.S.A. regards this plant as invasive. 

Thanks to Sally for taking notes of the flowers and passing them on to me.


Samantha Jones said...

Really enjoyed the walk and glad to be able to revisit list of flowers as we had forgotten some. Thanks, the Jones family

Bruce said...

Thanks for your comment Samantha. I think the youngsters especially enjoyed the walk.

Don't forget to come along to our open day on Saturday the 21st at Cromwell Bottom - all welcome.