Sunday 18 May 2014

Bird's nest results (or lack thereof )

Here are the results (so far) of the moths reared from the old birds' nest collected last December with the help of various members of the CB group.They say it's always worth recording negative records just as much as the positive ones so here they are - a measly handfull of White-shouldered House Moths (above)! A species many of us get in our homes from time to time. There's still an outside possibility of other species emerging but so far it's been a resounding damp squib.Maybe it's down to the nest boxes being a very recent addition to the area and the moths have yet to establish themselves?

Anyway, on a brighter note this Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix (below) emerged this morning from a pupa reared from a larva found on one of the many Dog Rose bushes around Tag meadow. A common enough species no doubt but according to my records it's a new one for me so my camera got an unexpected workout this morning :-)

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