Monday 31 March 2014

What's been around lately.

Might be a bit longer than usual. Where to start?
All the usual suspects have been around, Tits, Bullfinches, Chaffinch, Woodpeckers have gone quiet, both Song & Mistle Thrush calling near Feeding station on Sunday, hence recognising calls is important. We still have a few Redpolls around & quite a few "Zorro Buntings". Plenty of Chiffchaffs about + a good number of Goldfinch.

The Original Zorro! (Reed Bunting) Grahams got snaps of some other similar ones.
Great Tit - One I super glued on Ed!!
 Nice male Lesser Redpoll.
 Almost normal female Reed Bunting.
 Female Lesser Redpoll.
Smart looking Blue Tit.
On Saturday Three of us were "annoying" a Toad at the Lagoon! It was pretty chilled actually.
Here's a few of my snaps - No flash, so displays actual colour. Quite important to leave colour as is seen for ID purposes.

Again on Sunday I very, very, nearly stood on these 2 on the path near the Lagoon:

I moved them into the scrub Lagoon side after a few snaps!
Now then - Here's a good example for not altering colours:
Little Quiz for everybody :- Based on above shots, the single Toad we saw on Saturday ...... was it male or female?
Assuming you all agree it's a Toad?
After this I noticed a few coupled Toads around soggy bits in the denser tree cover!
Allan was asking whether we had seen any toads lately - It would appear this weekend was time for them to come out - So watch your step, It would be so easy to squish them if your not looking!


Andy Kiz said...


The size difference between the two is quite staggering!

B.Nield said...

Yes it certainly is - We were pondering on Sat what sex & how we tell what it is, but I struck lucky the day after & got both together & answered the question.

Steve Blacksmith said...

I agree the single one is a female. She hasn't laid her spawn yet and will be thinner after that.

The term is a gravid female. The two together are "in amplexus"

Toad patrol volunteers are needed at Thornhills Beck Lane Brighouse, near the ford to Wellholme Park carpark. Lots getting squashed there. The toads are going to the rugby field pond.
Dusk is the busy time. Wear hi-visibility clothes and gloves. I can't be there as I'm toading elsewhere.