Sunday, 2 February 2014

Some of Saturday's Delights at the Viewing Station.

                                                                    Siskin (M)
                                                              Long Tailed Tit
                                                                         Siskin (M)
                                                                       Blue Tit
                                                                  Siskin (F)
                                                                   Lesser Redpoll
                                                         Short Tailed Field Vole
                                                                        Siskin (M)
                                                                  Lesser Redpoll (M)
                                                                     Great Tit


Colin D said...

Great Work Allan

Andy Kiz said...

How many redpolls? Went the other lunchtime but no luck

B.Nield said...

Andy there are 4 clearly different Female Redpolls visiting - Very occasionally at the same time. But Sat was nice as we had a feel of last year with 7-8 Redpolls & Siskin fighting for the Nyger feeder. Siskins are up to 5-6 different ones BTW.
Redpoll(s) as in more than 1 was last weekend of december, just in case you were curious.