Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas at Cromwell

Well we went down for a quiet visit Christmas day & Boxing day & saw the most amount of visitors ever. Nice to see so many new faces & Doggies!
all the usual suspects Tit's, Robins, Dunnock's, Chaffinches, etc.

We have a Lonesome female Lesser Redpoll pops down now & again:

 Usually the stars are the bullfinches up to 6 males & 5 females sometimes, here's one of the males on the table:

Great Spotted Woodpecker's struggled to get down to the feeders with our many visitors, still a bit shy & like it quiet:

But the new stars are the Jays - enjoying raiding any peanuts they can find:

Looking for the next ones:
 Who looks sulky?
 Swear this ones smiling:
 Struggling to get any more in:
A lot of people enjoyed their first close encounters with Jays on Saturday, but they can get through a lot of peanuts!
Also - One has some Jewellery! (leg ring) - I wonder where it got it?

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