Friday 18 October 2013

Recent Sightings!

A few from recently:

G.S. Woodie that visits feeders a lot recently.
I was at the lagoon & watched a nice moth type bug flying past, thinking that would make a nice subject I went for my micro lens & whooooosh! this Grey Wagtail had it away. Where was it ringed?
We have been getting many Magpies on the "green stuff" on the lagoon finding all sorts of things to eat - Check OUT this youngster DANCING to the Pubs "Bass Beat" in the background.

 An adult wondering what all the fuss was about?

 If you catch them in the right light, see the fantastic colours they actually have!
 As I mentioned - seen them catching beetles, bugs, newts & this one found either a chicken bone or some unfortunate birds leg bone - one gulp & gone!

The Magpies are also pretty quick to look around where I have been sat as I'm leaving, just in case I left some crumbs about.

Thought I'd remind all:
Open day this Saturday 26th Oct.

Refreshments, Raffle, Fun Quiz's, Guided Walks etc.



Bruce said...

Nice post Barry. Despite its bad reputation it is still a good looking bird.

B.Nield said...

The Magpie is one of the most adaptive birds & they have learnt to live with us quickly, so we see what they are like close up. Being a "crow" they are not the best loved, & can seem NASTY to ordinary people, but are just the same as their more loved cousins - Jays.
Just because they are "pink" doesn't make them any less a killer or hunter.