Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Big Thank You to all who voted for us.

This is our first Grant funding and a big thanks to everyone for making it happen.

From the Co-operative press release

Overgate Hospice has been awarded £548.00 towards running costs. Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group has received £302.00 to buy equipment to maintain the reserve pathways, plant wild flowers and trees and plan to build a dipping pond. Cross Lane School has been awarded £150 

The three lucky groups won the chance to collect a share of £1,000 earlier this year, after being nominated by the Elland store team and a member of the West Yorkshire Co-operative Group Area Committee. The scheme invited members to vote for their  favoured cause on each purchase, with members casting their votes across a four week period.
             Yours Graham


B.Nield said...

Excellent, every penny helps - next one now!. I think we did well against A Hospice & all the schools. A clear indication of all the people out there enjoying our efforts & having a relaxing time on Cromwell.
Also I'd like to give a THANK YOU! to the Commitee menmbers whose hard work got us to the voting. I think the voting results are a great reward for your efforts.

Ken said...

Well done to all involved at Cromwell. Your dedication and hard work has been rewarded by the support of everyone voting and by getting the finance. Thank you.

NTBR said...

Well done folks.

gwh said...

Thanks for your support and comments . yours Graham